It’s Serbian Movie Week at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center. The Serbian Embassy hosts screenings of movies at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center Cinema Room today, Friday and Saturday. Today’s movie is “Change Me,” a romantic comedy directed by Milan Karadzic. In the film, a man’s newfound lust gets the better of him. The protagonist tries to simultaneously battle his self-loathing and his emotional, erotic feelings. Friday’s film is “The Reject,” which focuses on a “manchild,” an adult male who never outgrew his hedonistic lifestyle. As he feels increasingly alienated from the changing world, the main character embarks on an odyssey. Two films will be shown on Saturday. “Huddersfield” presents a new twist on the classic “Lolita” tale, while “The Trap” depicts Belgrade, the Serbian capital, after Slobodan Milosevic’s fall. All films are in Serbian with English subtitles. For showtimes or details, call (02) 3789-5600 or visit