The Indonesian Embassy and the Korea Foundation Cultural Center will present the Indonesian Film Festival from Aug. 10 to 14. The festival will include screenings of four contemporary Indonesian films at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center. “Kiamat Sudah Dekat” Armageddon is Closing), which kicks off the festival, is the story of an Indonesian-American man who must learn about Islam in order to win the approval of his beloved’s religious father. “Berbagi Suami” (Love For Share) is the story of a love-quadrangle based on the controversial practice of polygamy, still persisting in Indonesia. “Heart” is about lifelong best friends of opposite sexes who may become something more. “Ruang” (The Letter) is about two adult siblings who discover their mother’s secrets after her death. All films will have English and Korean subtitles. For showtimes or more information, visit, or call the Embassy at (02) 783-5675.